Vallejo Couple Made Counterfeit Pills With Tesla, Trump Enblem at Elder Care Facility: DEA

The investigation found that the pills contained methamphetamine

A couple in Vallejo was arrested Thursday for allegedly producing thousands of counterfeit pills — some of which have a Tesla emblem and others with the likeness of President Donald Trump — at their elderly care facility.

Drug Enforcement Administration officials said 37-year-old Henry Benson and 36 year-old Roselle Cipriano, a married couple, have been making counterfeit alprazolam tablets, used to treat anxiety disorders and panic disorder, at Genesis Care Home on Lewis Avenue, at least since the DEA's investigation began in late 2017.

The tablets varied in color and markings, authorities said.

Some of the tablets were yellow with the Kool-Aid man marking. Others were yellow tablets embossed with what appears to be the president and the word "Trump" stamped on the back, according to the DEA. Some were "blue minion-shaped tablets."

Authorities bought thousands of tablets while they were conducting an undercover investigation, according to court documents. The investigation found that the pills contained methamphetamine.

Vallejo police served a federal search warrant Thursday at the care facility, which is also the couple's residence and is owned by Cipriano, and seized around 31 pounds of tablets containing suspected methamphetamine, approximately 17 pounds of suspected methamphetamine, one shotgun and a pill press, the DEA said.

Benson and Cipriano were scheduled to appear in Sacramento Federal Court Friday. It wasn't immediately clear whether they had legal presentations.

The Genesis Care Home for the Elderly remained open, and residents were left in the care of medical staff, according to authorities.

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