Vallejo Police Respond After Video Captures Officer Hit Suspect With Flashlight

Video footage from an arrest shows an officer striking a suspect with a flashlight multiple times

Vallejo police have issued a response after video footage captured an officer striking a suspect with a flashlight multiple times during an arrest attempt.

While the investigation remains ongoing, police stated that the "officer’s use of force appears appropriate for these circumstances."

The incident began around 9 p.m. Friday when a 14-year-old girl called 911 and reported that she was trapped in a man's car and he would not take her home, according to police.

After spotting the suspect vehicle, the victim and the suspect, who has been identified as 22-year-old Angel Bagos, near 141 Plaza Dr. in Vallejo, police chased Bagos on foot to the front of the Mod Pizza located at 163 Plaza Dr., according to police.

Bagos tripped on the sidewalk as he was being taken down by an officer and hit his face on the front of the building, police stated.

One officer managed to grab Bagos' right arm and wrist as he was face down on the ground, according to police. Another officer gained control of Bagos' legs. A third officer tried to grab Bagos' left arm, but he did not move his left hand from under his body.

Bagos was ordered to release his hand, but he did not comply, according to police. At that point, one officer hit Bagos' back and left arm with his flashlight, causing Bagos to eventually move his hand out from under his body.

Bagos was handcuffed and later taken to a hospital for treatment, according to police.

The 14-year-old girl was returned to her family, police stated.

An investigation into the incident is still in the works, police stated.

"VPD would like the public to know that we review all uses of force to ensure they are lawful and in compliance with our training and procedures," a statement from police read. "Accordingly, VPD is reviewing statements, cell phone video and officer body worn camera video."

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