Vallejo Residents, Animal Activists Outraged Over Dog Killings

Nonprofits increase reward money to $10,000 for finding person responsible

Someone has been killing dogs and dumping them in a North Bay city, and Thursday, a nonprofit stepped up with an increased reward for catching the person responsible.

After three bags of dead dogs were found in Vallejo earlier this year, another gruesome discovery surfaced in the same area: a mutilated goat. The animals' remains were found along Columbus Parkway, near Lake Herman Road, authorities said.

On Thursday, Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR), along with two other rescue groups, put together a $10,000 reward. That is up from an initial $4,000 reward offered.

"They’ve all been killed by seemingly a shovel, a garden implement, and a box cutter," JARR spokeswoman Julia Orr said. "Animal cruelty is a precursor to human cruelty."

The goat carcass was found Tuesday near the same area where the dogs were found in February. Orr would like the Solano County Sheriff’s Office and local police to do more to investigate the crime.

"We really feel there’s an apathy surrounding this case," she said. "Authorities may be thinking it’s not important because it’s animals."

Other animal lovers, too, think more should be done.

"We should do all we can to catch 'em. Just put this thing to rest because we have to look out for our furry friends," Vallejo resident Chris P. said.

Neighbors are so outraged about the killings, they have been packing City Council meetings, demanding the case get more attention.

The mayor says the sheriff’s department is investigating.

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