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Vallejo Water Main Break Floods Cars, Second Water Main Break Reported Nearby

A water main break in Vallejo early Saturday morning flooded cars and impacted water service for a hotel and several residences, city officials said.

Just as crews were finishing a massive cleanup from the initial water main break Saturday night, a second break was reported nearby.

In the first break, the 14-inch cast iron pipe on Ifland Way, east of Sonoma Boulevard and west of Broadway Street, ruptured just before 3 a.m. on Saturday.

The burst pipe flooded cars on the street. When repair crews shut off water flow to the pipe and began work, the nearby Regency Hotel as well as two apartment buildings and some houses were impacted by the water shutoff.

City officials said repair crews were continuing work on Saturday afternoon and estimated water service would be restored by 9 p.m.

The city distributed bottled water to impacted residents. But over the next day, some residents may find their water is discolored, cloudy or milky. City officials said they should run their water until it runs clear, ideally with an outdoor garden hose.

Late Saturday night, a second water main break was reported nearby, but officials say it is not as big as the initial break. Further information on the second break was not immediately available.

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