Vandals Tear Up Soccer Field at Contra Costa Christian School

Somebody had a field day on the Contra Costa Christian School's soccer field.

The damage that vandals wreaked on the grass, twice, is so bad the team can't practice there or use field this season. School leaders said the field was ravaged by whoever spun donuts and ripped apart the grass on Monday night, and then again on Thursday night.

"Actions have consequences," said Chris Winters, the head of the school. "When you do something like this, you're just getting a few seconds of pleasure and causing a lot of pain for our community."

The Walnut Creek school had recently leveled the field and reseeded it for this year's soccer season. Winters said the school doesn't have the thousands of dollars necessary to repair the damage, and will likely have to rent fields for students to play on.

"It's just really disturbing as we're getting ready to start our middle school soccer season and the kids were excited about that," Winters said.

The damage has left the kids at school feeling just awful as soccer season starts. And they have nowhere to practice.

"It just really stinks we can't play soccer on the field and we're just getting ready for our season," said eighth grader Christian Carter.

He also wondered about the suspect or suspects' motive. "Why'd you do it? Why?"

A GoFundMe page has been activated to help support repair efforts.

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