Venture Capitalist Proposing to Divide California Into 6 States

Venture capitalist Tim Draper and his supporters this weekend will attempt to collect more than 800,000 valid signatures for his ballot proposal to divide California into six states.

With California home to 38 million people and the nation's most populated state, Draper said the state has become ungovernable and can no longer meet the needs of its citizens.

Draper has invested $2 million into his efforts to get California split into six states:

  • Northern, rural California would become the State of Jefferson
  • Area from Wine Country and Sacramento to Lake Tahoe would become North California
  • The State of Silicon Valley would run from San Francisco to Santa Clara County
  • Much of the state's Central Valley would become Central California
  • The Los Angeles County basin would be called West California
  • The area from San Diego to the desert in the east would become South California
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