Verizon Can't Get Its iPhone Story Straight

One Verizon exec drops a huge hint that the Apple phone is coming to Verizon soon, while another denies it

Verizon may be going out of its way to dump on Apple, but all of that will change once the cellular carrier adds the iPhone to its arsenal, right?

With all the rumors being floated recently, it seems only a matter of time before the Verizon-Apple marriage happens. After all, former enemies make the best lovers.

In perhaps the biggest admission to date about the impending union, a Verizon executive told an audience at the Dow Jones Money and Media conference that he "wouldn't be surprised" if the iPhone was soon available on Verizon, according to the Business Insider.

Terry Denson, a VP of Content Strategy and Acquisition for Verizon, tried to down play the statement after being confronted about it. It's a direct contradiction of what colleague Heidi Flato said on NBC's Press Here just a few weeks ago.

Asked if Verizon would get the iPhone soon, Flato said, "I don't think so." (Watch the video to catch Flato's dismissive tone.)

Denson compared the iPhone to the National Football League and pointed out that the NFL is broadcasted on four major networks.

"Apple's a great brand, and we're a great brand," he said. "Apple likes to be aligned with the best."

You hear that, AT&T? If Verizon and Apple make peace -- and it sounds like Denson and Flato might need to have a little powwow before that happens -- Verizon will turn from picking on the iPhone to picking on its rival's network.

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