Mysterious Vertebrae Left at Vallejo Police Station

The bone is the size of a "cookie."

Vallejo police are scratching their heads over a vertebrae found on the front steps of the police station Sunday morning.

Sgt. Jeffrey Bassett, public information officer for Vallejo police, told NBC Bay Area on Monday that the bone was spotted about 11 a.m. under a call box outside the station. It had no note and was wrapped in some kind of brown paper, he said. He added that it was a single vertebrae, the size of a "cookie."

Bassett said police believe the vertebrae was put there intentionally, but they can't figure out if it was a joke or some type of message.

Police also can't tell if the bone is human or not.

On Monday morning, prompted by a call from NBC Bay Area, Solano County Sheriff Lt. Gary Faulkner sent an investigator to the police department to fetch the vertebrae so that a coroner's pathologist could examine it. That examination likely won't happen until Tuesday.

If it belonged to a human, detectives will likely launch an investigation.

Anyone who knows something about the bone is asked to call the police station at 707-648-4321.

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