Pleasant Hill

‘Very Terrifying': East Bay Family on Walk Shot With Paintballs

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An East Bay family's routine evening walk turned into a terrifying experience after someone opened fire on them with what turned out to be a paintball gun.

Celeste Andrini and her family were walking along Pleasant Hill Road in Pleasant Hill when they were shot at by someone in a passing car. The shots sent the family ducking for cover and left Andrini with painful welts and bruising.

"I probably would have lost an eye if it had hit me in the eye looking at my leg, definitely," Andrini said.

Andrini said the shooter came by for a second pass, firing at her family again. She was able to capture video of the dark blue car speeding away.

"It’s not okay," Andrini said. "It’s not okay to treat people like this. We’re just an innocent family taking a walk."

Pleasant Hill police said the suspects face possible felony assault charges.

Andrini said she understands it’s an emotionally charged time for many people right now, but she said there’s no excuse for violent behavior.

"It was pretty terror like," she said. "It was very terrifying and we’ve heard the term domestic terrorist and I hope these people don’t go down that road because that’s not a good road to be on right now."

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