Vet24seven App Gives Pet Owners Anytime Access to Veterinarians

Pet owners now have anytime access to veterinarians thanks to a new mobile app.

The app, Vet24seven, features 240 veterinarians in the Bay Area.

Dr. Michael Sterns with the Alta View Animal Hospital in Mountain View is one of the veterans providing his services on the app. He said many of his patients have chronic issues, which in the past meant time consuming and sometimes expensive check ups for pet parents.

Now, pet owners can request a conference with Sterns and other vets through the app to ask questions or send information.

In some cases the conference may be a quick exam to schedule the next in-office visit.

Sterns said the tool is not meant to replace check up or emergency visits, but it may give pet owners some peace of mind.

"I think just the ability to do these minor follow ups and relieve anxiety is a huge portion of things," Sterns said.

The app is free to download and vets set their own pricing for consulations. The average cost of a consultation is $50.

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