Victim Chases After Chain-Snatching Robbery Suspect in Oakley

Two people are in jail after a bold daylight robbery.

Oakley police say the suspects scouted an Oakley plaza parking lot for a victim. Surveillance video shows one of the suspects yanked a gold chain off of a man's neck as he walked out of a restaurant.

But what happened next likely caught the suspects by surprise. The victim and his cousin chased after the man through the parking lot.

"They ran around the parking lot for several minutes," Oakley Police Detective Scott Griggs said. "He was trying to lose them, but couldn't."

While the suspect finally jumped into a getaway car -- police say driven by the suspect's girlfriend -- the victims got a great description, including a partial license plate number. The information led to a couple's arrest in Antioch about 15 minutes later.

While police warn chasing after a suspect is a risky thing to do, many in Oakley say they're glad the victim didn't back down. Residents say criminals should think twice.

"You better be ready because we aren't afraid to stand up and come after you," Oakley resident Stephanie Napoli said. "Go ahead and try to take my purse."

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