Victim's Mom Blames SJPD Staffing for Son's Death

Christopher Soriano was shot and killed New Year's Eve

A San Jose man accused of taking the law into his own hands was officially charged with murder Thursday.

Luis Hernandez is accused of shooting and killing Christopher Soriano after a confrontation on New Year's Eve.

Police say Hernandez says he was frustrated that police were not responding to numerous calls for help after a rash of burglaries at an apartment complex. He told police he though Soriano was a serial burglar and tried to make a citizens arrest.

NBC Bay Area obtained court documents that show the victim was shot while runnign away and the gun used int he shooting was illegally purchased.

The victim's mother is blaming the mayor for police staffing cuts.

"The Mayor needs to do something about the police force. He needs to hire more men. We need more officers to prevent things from happening, people being vigilantes and killing somebody," Glenda Soriano said.

In an email, the mayor said that he agrees with the need for more officers on the streets and that the city is currently in the process of training 40 new police recruits.

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