Man Captured on Video Kicking Person Lying on Sidewalk in San Francisco

San Francisco police on Thursday released surveillance video capturing a man kicking another person lying on a sidewalk in the city's Tenderloin neighborhood. 

The aggravated assault, which is believed to be unprovoked, occurred on May 24 along the 100 block of Leavenworth Street, police said.

The condition of the victim was not immediately known.

Still image of man captured on camera kicking another person in San Francisco. (May 24, 2018)

Video footage shows the man — clad in a dark suit and dark beanie, clutching a briefcase — waiting briefly behind a dumpster and then walking up to the person lying over a metal grate on the ground and kicking him twice. It also appears he is taunting the man on the ground before he wanders off.

A sergeant was flagged down after someone reported a bloodied man on the sidewalk, suffering from head injuries.

"You look at that guy, and he’s wearing a suit; clearly he’s already in a higher position than where this [victim] is," said Latif Woods, who works right next door to where the assault occurred. "Why does he have to kick him when he’s down? ... So yeah, it’s ridiculous, kind of beyond words."

Leadara Thompson, a homeless person who occasionally stays in area said, "It’s not normal. But it’s just not normal to be punching on somebody who can’t defend themselves or just period, put your hands on someone, period. You should never do that."

The sergeant working the case described the man as tall, possibly 6 feet, 5 inches, white and in his mid-30s, and he frequents the area.

Anyone with information regarding the man is asked to call 415-575-4444.

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