VIDEO: Matt Cain Drives Golf Ball Into McCovey Cove

Matt Cain's perfect game on Wednesday night was dramatic and dominant. It was also a little bit odd, since a dude on a jet pack floated above McCovey Cove before his start. Oh, yes, and here's another oddity: Cain drove a golf ball into McCovey Cove before taking the mound.

No, really, we have video proof below. You see, with the U.S. Open taking place in San Francisco this week, TaylorMade was running a promotion that involved Giants players and Dustin Johnson using that new white driver to tee off at home plate of AT&T Park and lash drives into McCovey Cove.

After the shots ended, Brian Sabean said that Cain could take one swing. And he absolute MASHED the ball. It was clearly a sign of things to come.


Funny story: I have a good buddy (and colleague at who was at this promotional event. And then he was at the Giants game. Except he left in the fourth inning. (!) Sorry, Shane.

Anyway, back to Cain -- the Giants have to make sure that he does this every single game from now on. I don't care if he's pitching at home, or pitching inside a dome. You give him a driver, tee up a ball at home plate and allow Cain to let the big dog eat before he takes the mound.

And because you want to watch that sweet swing --> bomb of a drive over and over again, we'll go to the GIF.

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