Off-Duty San Jose Cop Tussles With 2 Women

Warrants are out for the arrest of two women who were filmed struggling with a man who identified himself as a San Jose police officer. 

A recently-posted cellphone video shows a parking lot altercation between a man — later revealed to be an unidentified San Jose cop — and two women, who may have struck the cop's civilian car with their own vehicle, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The man can be heard repeatedly shouting "San Jose PD! Call the police!" as he wrestles with one of the women, who he eventually slams against the side of a car.

The second woman approaches, says that the other woman is her sister, and somehow drags the police officer, dressed in what appears to be gym clothes, off of her.

The two then escape in their car as the man repeats, "San Jose PD! I can show you my badge," the newspaper reported.

Meanwhile, the man filming the incident said he called the cops early on in the encounter.

A San Jose police department spokeswoman said that the cop was cleared of any wrongdoing in the encounter and that the women — whose names were not released — are wanted for arrest.

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