Video Shock: Teen Mob Attacks City Worker

Mad group throwing rocks, just "going crazy"

If it wasn't for the video it would be hard to believe.

Up to 40 teenagers attacked and robbed a Vallejo city worker in broad daylight Monday, throwing rocks at him, kicking and beating the 46-year-old as he lay defenseless on the ground.

It happened near the Britton mini mart on Nebraska Street and the store's surveillance camera caught the entire disturbing incident on video.

The heavy equipment operator was driving a backhoe to the city yard on Monday when some teens started throwing rocks at him. When he turned around and headed to confront the group, they started attacking him. The store's clerk told NBC he could hear the ruckus.

"I saw some kids from the high school running around, just yelling. Going crazy." Said the clerk, who wanted to remain anonymous.

By the time it was over, the victim, who has worked for the city for 20 years, had a fractured skull and jaw, broken collarbone and several missing teeth.

"Watching that video, I am sickened," Ken Shoemaker, vice president of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 2376, told NBC Bay Area's George Kiryama. "I think it's horrific that a city worker in broad daylight could be beaten like that and kicked in front of a large crowd."

The store's owner, Kamal Sandhu, told NBC Bay Area's Chritie Smith that teens from the high school nearby hang out outside his store all the time. Sandhu is not really surprised by the attack. He says he sees groups of kids outside the store from Vallejo High smoking pot, drinking and fighting on a regular basis. They even light up right next to the gas pumps, he says.

Investigators will be looking at the surveillance video and cell phone video someone else turned in of the incident to help identify the attackers and any other witnesses. So far, no one has gone to police with any information.

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