Voters Take Advantage of California's Conditional Voter Registration on Election Day

Many people who did not register to vote were still able to cast a ballot on Election Day thanks to conditional voter registration.

In California, an eligible citizen can register to vote conditionally at the polls even if they did not register ahead of time.

Long lines were seen at polling places in the South Bay, where crowds signed up for conditional voter registration.

“It is exciting and great to see that this many people are coming out today to use the new law,” said Shannon Bushey, Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters.

The Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters said 432 people conditionally registered to vote in the June primaries. And before Tuesday, 600 people had registered to vote conditionally in the midterm. The registrar expected the number to double on Election Day.

Santa Clara and the state have seen record voter registration for this election. Santa Clara County on Tuesday estimated turnout could reach 70 percent.

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