VTA Yard Shooting

Families, Friends Remember VTA Yard Shooting Victims in Smaller Gatherings

About 100 people standing in front of Mountain House City Hall to pay tribute to Paul Megia.

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It’s been two days and people are continuing to tell stories of loss, love and bravery for the nine people killed in the VTA yard mass shooting in San Jose.

We are hearing for the first time from the widows of two of the men and we are hearing the story of bravery of one man who saved a life.

Paul Megia lived in the Mountain House community. On Friday night, they gathered to pay tribute to him and others killed by a lone gunman.

Cecilia Crowder, one of his coworkers told a gut-wrenching story of how he saved her life.

“He just got there. He opened the door told me to ‘go in and said please, don’t let anyone in’,” she said.

Crowder came to Paul Megia’s memorial to tell his family and friends why he is a hero.

“It was no more than three or four minutes before I heard the gunshots. While the shooter came into our office shooting it up. I’m very sorry, Paul saved my life and I’m very blessed,” she said.

About 100 people standing in front of Mountain House City Hall to pay tribute to Paul Megia.

The gathering was personal because it took place in his hometown of Mountain House, located in San Joaquin County.

His wife Nicole Megia talked about how he loved his children.

“We had the inside joke that we were the weekend warriors. The kids and I will live on through his legacy for the love of the outdoors. We love you so much,” she said.

This celebration of life was for Megia, but it was also for all the victims.

Another person dealing with the loss is Alex Fritch’s wife Terra Fritch. She shared with NBC News on what she went through when she knew he wasn’t going to survive the shooting.

“I just said 'I love you.' I don’t want you to go, but I know you have to and it’s okay. We’ll be okay and his heart stopped,” she said.

Alex Fritch died in his wife’s arms.

Lars Lane is also being remembered by his wife of more than 20 years, Vicki Lane. She said he was a loving father and grandfather who will not be able to celebrate his 64th birthday on Saturday.

Vicki Lane said she knows what it’s like getting news you don’t want to hear.

“Just not knowing if he was safe or dead was just the hardest wait you could possibility imagine. I feel for all the families,” she said.

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