Wake Up in the Alarm Clock Bed

farauccelli / Instagram

I'm wondering if, this week, DVICE's writers are trying to tell us something: devices for insomniacs equals I am le tired; vibrating alarm clocks must mean I can't get out of bed this morning. Well, maybe it's to do with the run-up to Christmas, and all those parties.

Anyhoo, enough about our social life, let's talk beds — or more specifically, this alarm clock concept. Designed by Florian Scharfer, Melted Clock is a wake-up call embedded in your sheets, with a clock display made out of silicone and electroactive polymers.

There's haptic, touch-sensitive alarm, speakers and controls (the icons of which are embroidered on the high thread-count (I hope) egyptian cotton.

I'm going to say goodbye for the moment, and dream of the day when I can be gently shaken awake rather than have the alarm on my cellphone shatter my dreams.

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