Walmart Jumps Into the eBook Wars


Walmart isn't a one e-reader store.

Now between gun shopping and pick up groceries, Walmart shoppers can grab a Nook reader.

The Barnes and Noble e-reader is in direct competition with Apple's iPad, which is more than just an e-reader and is already carried by Walmart.

Apple has all but declared e-war on both Barnes and Noble and Amazon's Kindle with its own virtual bookstore for the iPad tablet computer.

Walmart threw itself in the middle of those wars Monday but carrying both the Nook and the iPad. But the Kindle is still not available at the mega retailer.

The move comes just in time for the holiday shopping season, where some analysts predict that virtual books will be a popular gift. Walmart will sell two different versions of the Nook for $149 and $199. It sells the iPad for $499, $599 and $729.

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