Walmart Protests Break Out Following Bangladesh Factory Collapse

Bangadesh factories are being called "death traps"

The second deadly garmet factory incident in a matter of months in Bangladesh has activists calling on American companies to improve safety.

A building that was home to several factories collapsed Tuesday, and there was a deadly fire in another factory in November.

Sumi Abedin, 24, survived the fire, but 112 others did not.

She and another former factory worker arrived in San Francisco Wednesday hoping to meet with business leaders who contract with the factories.

Abedin says WalMart worked with her factory and she believes it worked with a factory in the collapsed building. She and a group of supporters protested outside the Fairmont Hotel, hoping to talk to Walmart board member Aida Alvarez.

Abedin says, "They are responsible for fire I believe we are in death trap because of them."

In a statement Walmart says, "We are focused on investing our resources in proactive programs to address fire safety in the garment and textile industry in Bangladesh, and prevent fires before they happen."

Abedin and Kalpona Akter had a ticket for the fundraiser Alvarez was attending Wednesday night but say organizers canceled them and refunded their money. Akter says, "While Aida Alvarez is having a fundraiser in fancy building in other part of the world sewing factory workers are dying."

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