Walnut Creek Community Questions Fatal Police Shooting

Outrage over the deadly shooting of a young black man by Walnut Creek police reignited Tuesday evening at a City Council meeting.

Angry speakers called for justice for 23-year-old Miles Hall and accountability for the police department.

Hall, who had mental health issues, was fatally shot June 2 after running toward officers with a metal pipe. His family had called police, saying he had been threatening them.

Walnut Creek residents overflowed the council chamber, some wondering if the shooting was racially motivated.

Hall's mother, Taun Hall, just wanted her son to be safe, and she thought the police could help her do that.

"That’s why I called police the day before, to let them know he was having a psychotic episode," she said. "And we wanted -- I’m sure they would keep him safe."

Some who spoke Tuesday suggested there could be a coverup, saying the officers' accounts of the shooting were not supported by the body cam video. The video from June 2 shows Hall acting erratically, carrying a prybar and running.

Then gunshots are heard.

Taun Hall sees a crime.

"We do want the officers to be held accountable for what happened to my son," she said.

Police Chief Tom Chaplin said the department will be totally transparent.

"You will in the coming months have access to every shred of information with regards to the report, with regards to audio, with regard to video, and I will not promise you that that won’t be painful," Chaplin said.

Many at the meeting had their minds made up.

The chief asked for open minds, despite the community’s broken hearts.

"I will speak not just as a police chief but as a community member. But more importantly, as a father, I am devastated and heartbroken for your loss," Chaplin said.

The investigation of the shooting is ongoing and could take at least a few months, police said.

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