Brendan Weber

Walnut Creek Implements Slower Speed Limits Around City Schools

With children back in school and flocking city sidewalks, Walnut Creek is stepping up to keep students safe.

The East Bay city has reduced speed limits surrounding 16 local schools from 25 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour in an effort to limit reckless driving.

The new speed limit signs were installed around the city on Thursday, but longtime Walnut Creek resident Ed Schommo isn't sure if drivers will pay much attention.

"They don't obey a 25 mile an hour speed limit now," he said. "I am not sure they are going to obey a 20 miles an hour speed limit."

Police made the new message loud and clear on the first day of school last week. They say that they pulled over 67 drivers for exceeding the speed limit when the signs still read 25 miles per hour.

Aside from attentive police officers, concerned residents and parents are also looking to share the safety message with those speeding past the law .

"Drive like your child was playing on the street or going to that school," said parent Danielle Edwards. "It's that simple."

The new speed reduction laws apply any time students are headed to or leaving school.

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