Walnut Creek Police

Walnut Creek Police Stepping Up Patrols After Rise in Downtown Shoplifting

Police report so-called grab-and-run thefts are on the rise in downtown Walnut Creek.

Thieves are getting extremely aggressive in the downtown corridor. The Apple Store has also seen theft spike by more than 200 percent since last year, with the most recent incident reported Monday.

Police in response are stepping up patrols in the area with units on electric motorcycles and bikes.

"Often being on foot or being on bicycles is the only way you are going to catch them," Walnut Creek Police Officer Bruce Lesser said.

More undercover officers are also patrolling the streets and authorities are working closely with local businesses.

"I feel much safer knowing there are officers out there," shopper Jennifer Perry said.

Officials also report this holiday season auto burglaries have increased by 22 percent and auto theft by 23 percent. Suspects are mostly targeting busy downtown garages, police said.

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