Walnut Creek Police to Crack Down on Distracted Driving

If you are using your cell phone while driving in Contra Costa County, chance are you'll get caught. Rocked by the recent death of a fellow law enforcement officer, Walnut Creek police are doubling their efforts to crack down on distracted drivers.

The police department is determined to make sure drivers do not risk it all and are cracking down on what has become a disturbing trend.

"You can't have your phone in your hand for any reason while you're driving a car," said Dustin Brookshire with the Walnut Creek Police Department.

Walnut Creek motor officers recently attended the funeral of CHP Officer Kirk Griess, who along with a man he had pulled over, was killed by a suspected distracted driver two weeks ago.

Tom Cashion with the Walnut Creek Police Department said he came back from Griess' funeral and immediately sent out an e-mail to all department employees that started the chain to crack down on distracted drivers.

"We're going to do a better job going forward," Cashion said.

In addition to pulling more people over, police are trying to educate driers through social media. They also plan to encourage people to call police when they see drivers using their devices while behind the wheel.

"If we can't get out there to do enforcement, we will send a letter to them telling them you were observed driving while distracted," Cashion said. "Drivers say the're tired of seeing so many people putting others at risk and are glad Walnut Creek PD's trying to put a stop to it."

Walnut Creek police also plan to take their campaign to local schools hoping to convince new drivers -- teenagers -- not to use their cell phone while behind the wheel.

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