Want a Free Wedding? Uber Has the App for That

Got a smartphone? Ready to get married? Uber has you covered.

Forget a shotgun wedding. On Saturday, try an Uber wedding.

The ride-providing app will take care of the nuptials for some lucky couples this weekend. The only catch? You need all your paperwork in order.

That's it.

To get married by Uber, all one needs to do is have everything ready and then open up the app. If selected, the wedding -- justice, champagne, and all -- will show up to you, Bold Italic reported.

Yes. It's that easy!

Uber will send out an "on-site notary" that will take care of the license. There's also a violinist, and evidently a portable "aisle" which you and your lucky partner will walk down.

But then the real cake: the free honeymoon. Uber doesn't say where, but the company says it will fly you and your new spouse somewhere nice over the next few weeks.

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