Want a House? It's Hard Out There for a Techie

If you’ve ever tried to buy, or rent, a house in the Bay Area, you’ve probably had the discussion: It’s way too expensive/hard/exhausting to find a quality home, in your budget, near the office.

Now, a story says techies are having the same conversation — even the ones who earn a lot of money, and have lots of stock options. According to a survey from real estate company Open Listings, the average Silicon Valley software engineer at a successful company like Apple — with a $188,000 salary — is struggling to afford a home close to work.

That Apple employee would have to shell out about 30 percent of his or her salary to afford a home close to "The Spaceship." That 30 percent number also goes for a software engineer at companies like Twitter, Uber and Facebook.

It’s something agent Lisa Anne Radding of Coldwell Banker here in the Bay Area hears a lot.

"Homes are so expensive, and techies are starting to feel that, too," she said. "It’s that way all over."

No matter what you do for a living.

Scott can be found in Silicon Valley, and on Twitter: @scottbudman

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