WATCH: “The Ellen Show” Takes Over Daly City Dick's Sporting Goods Store, Hands Out $500 to $5,000 Gift Cards

"The Ellen Show" was in our very own backyard Monday handing out gift cards worth up to $5,000 — if you were one of the four lucky winners, your name was announced during Tuesday's "The Ellen Show."

Ellen tweeted at her Bay Area fans — specifically  the "ladies" of San Francisco State University, who are right next to Daly City to go to Dicks Sporing Goods at Serramonte Center.  "Get over to @Dicks and don't forget your balls! You heard me." the tweet said. An earlier tweet from her specified they should bring a ball with their favorite emoji drawn on it.

Ellen sent her correspondent Jeannie Klisiewicz to pick her favorite 20 emoji balls from the big crowd that showed up. The top 20 contestants were then sent on a scavenger hunt during which they ran through the store grabbing anything Ellen asked for: sneakers, stability balls, yoga pants, and hockey sticks and masks.

The winners were awarded with $500, $1,000 and $2,000 gift cards. The grand prize winner was awarded $5,000 for carrying the most amount of weight back.

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