Water Gun Totting James Bond Assassins Set to Invade the City

StreetWars comes back to San Francisco this spring

EON Productions

The problem with imitating James Bond as a kid somehow lacked the adrenaline of the real thing. And of course you never ended up with a woman lovely enough to be a Bond Girl.

But at least one of those problems can be solved when StreetWars returns to San Francisco this spring. The super assassin role playing game gives contestants three weeks and a water gun to hunt down their mark and squirt them to death.

The rules of the game are simple: be a San Francisco resident, at least 18 years of ago, register by March 27 and pay $45 and organizers will give you sealed envelope with your mark's name and address. How you find them and spray them into a watery afterlife is up to you as long as you play fair.

After three weeks are up, the game will go into a sudden death round and the last assassin standing will win a cash prize. Convincing the neighborhood Bond Girl that your deadly with a water pistol is up to you.

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