All Clear: Water Deemed Safe in South San Francisco After ‘Compromised' Tank Incident

The coast is clear for water customers in South San Francisco.

More than 24 hours after advising residents in the Sunshine Gardens area not to drink or cook with their water because of concern about a nearby "compromised" water tank, California Water Service officials on Saturday announced that the water was safe.

The precautionary advisory was issued Friday after officials noticed that someone climbed onto a water tank and attempted to pry open a top hatch, according to Cal Water. It was not clear if they were able to get inside, but — out of an abundance of caution — Cal Water asked affected customers to use bottled water for drinking and cooking while tests were carried out.

Initial water tests conducted Friday found the water to be normal, according to Cal Water. Follow-up tests were ordered just to be safe, and those results yielded the all-clear signal Saturday.

While the advisory was in effect, residents were allowed to pick up free bottled water from a nearby stationing area. For those who purchased water, Cal Water promised reimbursement.

Police are still searching for the suspect or suspects who broke into the water tank enclosure.

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