Waterfront Pizza With Hookahs and Tea

Bay Area foodie reviews Waterfront Pizza

I first discovered Waterfront Pizza in Foster City while searching for a place in the Peninsula that served hookahs and tea.

You’d never guess it by the name, but most people come to Waterfront Pizza for the hookahs (or nargileh, or ghalyoun, depending on where you’re from) rather than for pizza.

On one visit, I decided to try their pizza and being Lebanese-owned, the restaurant has a lot of Middle Eastern items on the menu. I went for the Middle Eastern pizza, which is topped with tomatoes, sumac and feta.

Their pizza is delicious. It certainly doesn’t taste traditional, but it’s fresh and intensely flavored. (The same goes for their hummus, which is drizzled with the most wonderful olive oil ever).

Oh, and their hookahs? They last for hours, if you can manage to get the attention of the hookah attendant who comes around every once in a while to change the coals. Which brings me to my next point: I don’t quite know how to say this politely, but good luck getting the attention of anyone here.

For all of its positives, Waterfront Pizza regularly has an excruciatingly long wait and cold service to boot. I’ve waited close to an hour to get a hookah (while they were clearly not busy and while others were getting swift service) and the last time I was there, I got up and left after waiting forty-five minutes for the waiter to even approach us.

If the staff is busy working, that’s one thing, but if they’re busy socializing, it’s just rude. I was going to get all socio-political on why some people receive preferred service and some don’t, but this isn’t that type of blog, so I’ll leave it be. In any case, I haven’t been back there since, and I don’t think I’ll be visiting anytime soon.

It’s too bad, because Waterfront Pizza has really great food and hookah.

Mariam Hosseini is a Bay Area native who has been writing about food and travel for six years. She blogs regularly at yogurtsoda.com.

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