Palo Alto

Waymo Meets With Residents to Discuss Plans to Test Driverless Cars in Bay Area

Waymo plans to keep testing its driverless cars on Bay Area roads.

On Thursday, the company met with Mountain View residents to discuss its plans and to make them more comfortable with the idea.

The driverless car company has been testing its vehicles on the roads in Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and Mountain View, where Waymo is headquartered.

Critics of the self-driving technology are worried about more accidents on the roads, since autonomous cars do not have anybody behind the wheel.

"Computers are only ones and zeroes. Humans have wisdom, have gut feelings, have intuition," said Catherine Athans of Mountain View. "A computer doesn't. And it's dangerous."

A company spokesperson said the meeting is now the fifth one Waymo has had with Bay Area communities.

In regards to the services that is now available in Phoenix, Waymo has not said when that will become available in the Bay Area.

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