We Interrupt This Headline …

"Jackass" singer becomes meme on Internet

YouTube is busy pulling down video of singer Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift's VMA acceptance award because it violates MTV owner Viacom's copyright.  Viacom is already angry enough with MTV.

But there are plenty of places to find Kanye interuppting just about anyone. You've probably already seen the parody with Barack Obama.

Now there is a plethora of Kanye-isms online, like on the IGN message boards, where Kayne interupts Wynona in a spoof of the movie poster "Girl, Interupted."

Then there's the one where he tells the men on Iwo Jima that they don't have the best flag. And, of course, the one where he tells the Beatles that they were good, but Elvis was better. And so on, and so on.

The Kayne meme has started to morph into other Internet memes, like the Cheezburger cat.

And this, this inevitable mix of Rick Rolling and Kanye.

Lets us all just hope Kanye's rudeness doesn't spread like a virus.

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