We Know What Santa Delivered: Apple Products

Mobile shopping, i-devices, led the way

We now know what was in Santa's big bag this year, and lots of them fit inside.

Mobile technology devices, especially those made by Apple, moved quickly this Holiday season.  According to IBM Coremetrics, e-commerce was hot like never before:  Online shopping up 16 percent, mobile shopping up a whopping 173 percent (OK, this is a high number, but lots of people are admittedly just getting into the act).

But here's the standout number from the IBM release:  If you shopped online sunday, you likely bought an Apple product - and used an Apple product to buy it.  7 percent of everything bought online sunday was bought on a device made by Apple.  That's a lot of iPads bought and used. 

Mobile, as I mentioned, was still the hot item.  Android and iOS devices combined?  More than one million of them activated each day over the last three weeks of December; On Christmas day alone, 6.8 million od the devices were activated.

What does this tell us?  Yes, we're using a lot of cell phones and tablets.  The bigger picture might just be that we've got a new way to shop.  Not in the stores, not even on your PC - now, we're shopping on mobile devices.  Happy clicking.

Scott, who often writes on a mobile device, is on Twitter:   @scottbudman

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