“We Were Just in the Neighborhood”

Celebrities descend on San Francisco

San Franciscans for one night could say that Los Angeles had nothing on them.

Hollywood's hottest actors and musical acts were in San Francisco expressing their love for impoverished children and the city by the bay.

Stars from Academy Award-Winner Matt Damon to Wyclef Jean to Carlos Santana to Josh Groban to David Arquette and walked the red carpet, San Francisco style.

The celebrities were in town for the ONEXONE Foundation, a charitable organization committed to fighting health issues and preserving the lives of children locally and globally, first charity fundraiser.

The group launched its U.S. operation earlier this year. 

Damon was the ambassador for the evening.

"I was just in the neighborhood," Damon said about being in the Bay Area. "Nah, it's actually the launch of our America branch. (The event is) about trying to create and start the ball rolling," he said. "And with San Francisco, hopefully, they will take us in."

Baseball star Nomar Garciapara and his soccer star wife Mia Hamm were two of the first celebrities to arrive. And the pair gushed about their love for San Francisco and the appropriateness of hosting the event in the city.

"I think it is the diversity of this wonderful city," Garcipara said that made it attractive to ONEXONE.

His wife said, "what's great about San Francisco, just walking the neighborhoods, is the diversity you see. It has a great vibe to it."

Grammy Award-winner Wyclef Jean was the musical ambassador. And local Bay Area legend Carlos Santana was honored.

Musician Josh Groban said Santana has inspired thousands of young artists and he was honored to share the evening with him.

"His story is so fascinating, his spirit is fascinating," he said.

Actor David Arquette said he was in San Francisco to support an amazing organization. He said it made sense to have a fundraiser for ONEXONE in San Francisco because of how it handles poverty for example.

"This morning we went to one of the (food) pantries here," he said. "It was amazing. It was set up like a farmer's market."

He said there was a local farmer who had grown more squash then he could sell so he donated it to the food bank. 

"It's one of the most incredible cities in the world," he said.

A waterfall greeted visitors as they entered the make shift warehouse turned into Hollywood hot spot, on 7th and Brannan streets. It was Hollywood San Francisco style.

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