Weather’s Next Storyline for Bay Area

Weather is making news here in the Bay Area again this week.  We started off 2011 with rain, rain and more rain.  Now, half way through January the storyline is changing to one of fog, fog and more fog.

It's so bad, poor television traffic reporters are having trouble finding cameras that actually show something during the morning commute other than a picture of gray-ness.

The fog is making driving difficult, especially in the morning hours before the fog is able to burn off.

The California Highway Patrol says the best way to stay safe is to slow down.  CHP Officer Peter Van Eckhardt told Bay City News drivers tend to be in a bigger hurry in the morning. "People at night are usually a little more easy going," Edkhardt said.

NBC Bay Area meteorologist Christina Loren said the fog is still in her forecast, but adds we've probably seen the worst of it.  Loren said by Thursday morning we will all be looking for the next weather storyline.  She says it will include sunglasses.

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