Weinstein Sex Scandal Triggers #MeToo Movement

The Harvey Weinstein sex scandal has triggered a huge new movement that is expanding well beyond Hollywood.

The hashtag #MeToo message on social media was designed to allow women to acknowledge they have suffered sexual harassment or assault, but it has also turned into a nationwide rallying cry.

Chandra Brooks, a commissioner on Santa Clara County's Commission on the Status of Women, allowed NBC Bay Area to be there when she added her name to the list of those publicly acknowledged they had been a victim of sexual harassment or assault.

"I've been sexually harassed and assaulted more times than I can even think of, but I must share and let everybody know they are not alone," Brooks said.

Brooks is one of many women and girls joining the social media movement. She thinks change will come out of the movement.

"I think legislation might happen," Brooks said. "You never know. I think so many things can happen."

Brooks said it is hard to say yet what will happen, specifically, as the commission and other groups dedicated to women's rights address the issue, especially when a social media movement is grieving by the minute.

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