$2.25/Hour for an Office? ‘WePark' Movement Turns Paid Parking Spots in San Francisco Into Work Spaces

A San Francisco man is trying to start a movement with a new type of co-working space -- a parking space.

Victor Pontis said he wants to re-imagine how to use parking spaces in cities. So he paid a meter and made the spot his office. The idea spread quickly.

"Even though there are cars going by, it's prime real estate in the city," Pontis said.

Pontis, who has his own company and the freedom to work anywhere, traded in his usual work spaces of apartments, cafes and libraries for city streets at just $2.25 an hour.

"I posted about it on Twitter and it quickly became a thing that other people wanted to get involved with," Pontis said.

Pontis said on Monday about 30 people joined him to work near City Hall for what he now calls "We Park."

People have already started the We Park movement in Santa Monica and France.

"I think the potential for using parking in a smarter way is so huge that people like that," Pontis said.

But in a city where parking spaces can be hard to come by, some residents are calling it a bad idea and hope it fizzles out.

Pontis plans to continue working at metered parking spots, even if he gets a ticket.

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