Wet Morning Commute, Gives Way to Dry Spell

The sun should peek out by 1 p.m.

After a brief break in the rain, it's now coming down again, just in time for the Wednesday morning commute.

The wet weather had agencies such as the California Highway Patrol tweeting safety reminders like this: "Good morning! Seatbelts on, headlights on, wipers on, keep speed below the limit and keep your eyes way ahead on the road!"

But don't fret: he rains should taper off by 1 p.m. giving way to mostly clear skies and remain dry throughout the weekend. NBC Bay Area meteorologists say this should be the last in the series of recent storms that began last week, and it will be the weakest of all the storms.

However, weather watchers warn that after all the rain, there might be some flooding on city streets near gutters and drains that may prove problematic.

Some places have been drenched more than others over the past week with a series of storms to  hit the  Bay Area. As is normal, the North Bay got hit the worst. The recent rains caused the Napa River to rank at No. 17 for the top river crests in Napa.

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