What is a Vampire Facial?

If you are feeling like you need a lift but you don't want to go under the knife, Dr. Tess Mauricio may have what you are looking for. It's a vampire facial and it's less scary than it sounds.  

This is the perfect procedure for younger patients who want to stay looking natural but still want the regenerative factors. 

But why the name "vampire facial?"

Before the facial, blood is taken from the patient. That blood is put into a centrifuge where the blood is separated by red blood cells and plasma. The plasma is then injected into the skin. 

"Platelet rich plasma or PRP is very rich in our growth factors," said Mauricio. "These are basically products that help with healing and boosts collagen."

After injecting the skin with the platelet rich plasma, Mauricio micro-needles the skin. 

"Micro-needling as it sounds like, it creates tiny little wounds in the skin," said Mauricio. "It allows the growth factors to penetrate deep into the skin." 

A patient said the micro-needling felt like buzzing on her face and it wasn't painful. 

Mauricio said the procedure is great for getting rid of acne or acne scares. Also for those looking for a natural look to get rid of dark circles and bags in your under eye area, the vampire facial could be for you.

With only 24 to 48 hours of downtime the facial is perfect for those looking for a youthful lift without going under the knife. 

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