What Not To Do in the City

Here's where you should NOT bother going the next time you take the folks to San Francisco

Many of us will have the joy or pain of entertaining family from out of state this holiday season. It's almost a given they will want to spend a day in the City.  Although they may call it -gasp!- "Frisco."

The travel site Concierge.com has done some research that will help you make a real day of it and you just might see something you've previously missed.

It came up with a top 10 list of things NOT to do in San Francisco.  Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square and Boudin sourdough bread are all on it.  

They say some things will live up to the hype. That list includes Alcatraz, Chez Panisse and Fillmore's rock scene.

So with no further ado, here's what Not To Do:

  1. Seafood lovers should avoid Fisherman's Wharf and instead try Swan Oyster Depot on Nob Hill.
  2. When shoppers they say its best to avoid Union Square and instead head to the three block region of boutiques in Hayes Valley which is just west of Symphony Hall around appropriately named Hayes Street.
  3. The tastiest sourdough bread does not come from Boudin, according to Concierge.  They recommend the Mission District bakery Tartine. Just follow the long lines.
  4. Haight Street may have the counterculture "rep," but the "now" experience is best found in the Latin-influenced and still ungentrified Mission District these days.
  5. Cable Cars are surely a San Francisco treat, but instead of taking the Powell Street line, the travel site says hop on at California Street.e
  6. Pier 39 is on the water, but the for a better waterfront locale you could head toward that big red bridge and explore the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
  7. Chinatown is said to be best wandering, the alleyways less traveled, such as Spofford or Waverly Place. 
  8. A ferry ride across the San Francisco is great, but Conceirge says head to Tiburon instead of Sausalito.
  9. Gay Scene: Don't cruise the Castro and instead chat up a locals and them for suggestions.  Concierge said that as of Dec. 1  Blackbird at 2124 Market St. is "the" bar.   
  10. What to wear: even though it's California -- lose the shorts and grab a sweatshirt.

So, there you have it. Your guide to survival in the City at the best places (or NOT) to be a tourist. As for the rest of the time the in-laws are in town? You're on your own.

Lori Preuitt survived her Thanksgiving in-law visit just fine thank you.

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