What Not to do With Your New Apple Toys

If you celebrate Christmas, I sure hope Santa left a bunch of cool Apple goodies under your tree. Even if you're not exactly a big Apple fan, I would resist the urge to turn them into works of art using hammers, fire, guns, and other tools of destruction.

That didn't stop Michael Tompert, who turned his shiny new Apple toys into these mangled wrecks, then had his friend Paul Fairchild take these hauntingly beautiful photographs of them.

The images are currently on display at the WhiteSpace Gallery in Palo Alto, just a few short miles from Apple HQ in Cupertino.

Before you go bashing Tompert as some kind of psychotic Apple hater, you should know that he says he really loves Apple, and actually used to work on their design team. He just feels that we need to remember that despite all of the Apple worship, these are just consumer goods made from metal, glass, and plastic.

Via Cnet

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