What State Budget Means for State College Students

Tuition increase likely.

California lawmakers have figured out how to balance the budget and that is bad news for students at California universities.

The 2011-12 plan will cut $650 million each from the California State University and the University of California school systems. That is $150 million more than previously projected.

The cuts mean the CSU system will consider raising tuition before the fall semester, according to the Sacramento Bee. The paper was told the new increase would be around 12%. That is on top of the 10% already approved to go into effect this fall.

The UC system has not said how much tuition will rise, but President Mark Yudof told the Bee, "We cannot stand silent." UC fees are already supposed to rise 8% in the fall.

As for community colleges, fees are expected to go up $10 a unit this fall.

The budget is based on some optimistic revenue projections. If those do not come through, it could mean further cuts to the education system in December.

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