What To Do WIth SFO's Loose Change

Thousands of dollars are left behind each year in screening line bins at Los Angeles International Airport

A group of lawmakers proposed a bill that would change the way the Transportation Security Administration handles coins left behind in screening line bins, where SFO travelers discarded $15,908.02 last year.

Bill Summary/Status

Nationwide, the amount was a whopping $409,085.83 in unclaimed passenger money that currently goes to the Department of Homeland Security after agents collect coins at security checkpoints.

House bill No. 2719 calls for donating the money to the United Service Organization. If approved by Congress, the money could be used to improve airport facilities to better accommodate and support military personnel. 

The spare change bill passed a House panel last week. The bill is scheduled to go before the House Homeland Security Committee.

LAX came in a distant second to New York's JFK, the lose-change leader. New York passengers there left the most money -- $46, 918.06. LAX passengers dropped $19,110.83 in change.

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