What to Expect: Attending an Oakland A's Game During the Pandemic

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No more fan cut-outs in the stands.

Oakland A’s fans will be back in the flesh at the Coliseum Thursday night to watch their team take on the Houston Astros in the season opener.

But before they settle in, fans will have to follow a lot of new COVID-19 rules.

No tailgating is allowed. Face masks are required, unless people are eating or drinking.

Speaking of food, it's cashless concessions only. If fans want a brat or a beer, they have to order on their phone using the MLB Ballpark app. The food gets delivered right to their seat. There's no need to get up and wait in line.

When it comes to seating, the A's are only selling tickets in pods of two and four. Any group of three has to buy four seats to round out the pod.

Fans will not have to provide a negative COVID-19 test result or show they've been vaccinated to enter. There will be temperatures checks. Anybody with a body temperature over 100 degrees is out.

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