When It Comes to Sex, SF Is on Top

San Francisco likes to have sex and with a lot of different people. At least according to a national survey conducted by a condom company.

Trojan asked 200 people from several major cities about their sexual habits and how many partners they have had and San Francisco it turns out comes out on top in multiple categories.

The average city dweller has had 30 sexual partners, more than any other major U.S. city. The average San Franciscan is also the most likely to have had sex in a rural area, to have masturbated, learned about sex in school and the least likely to believe in abstinence before marriage.

The results are likely to shock few but the fine folks at The San Francisco Chronicle took it upon themselves to get reaction about the survey from the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

"It appears San Franciscans like to masturbate. We don't like sex in the woods. But once we get down to business, we know what we're doing," spokeswoman Eileen Shields told the paper. "What a city, huh? Call the Visitors Bureau."

What a city indeed.

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