Maps Show New Quake Danger in South Bay

Santa Clara County Residents Watch Out

We have a clearer picture of the earthquake risk in the South Bay today.

New maps out from USGS show exactly where liquefaction will happen after a devastating earthquake shakes the region.

The maps break down what people could feel and compare the results of a quake on the San Andreas, Hayward and the Calaveras Faults.

It turns out the Northern part of the San Andreas fault is likely to produce the most damage from liquefaction, estimated at 33 to 37 percent.

These new maps go where seismologists haven't gone before, actually dealing out a probability of risk for residents to better understand the effects.

Liquefaction is a serious danger because the soil becomes loose and wet, acting like water instead of sand and eliminating stability for buildings and utilities.

It happened in the Santa Clara Valley during both the 1868 Hayward and 1906 San Francisco earthquakes.

You can see the maps by clicking here.

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