Whitman Bid Just Got $15 Million More Interesting

Former eBay CEO goes all-in nearly a year before California's primary

California Republican gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman gave her campaign a hot cash infusion of $15 million.

It adds to $6.7 million in money already collected from donors to Whitman's warchest, and an earlier $4 million pledge, bringing her total raised to a staggering $25.7 million.

She had already amassed more than the $5.4 million raised by likely opponent, state insurance commissioner Steve Poizner, who earlier made a similar $4.2 million gift to his own campaign.

"This election isn't an eBay auction, and you can't win by outbidding your opponent," quipped a Poizner campaign spokesperson.

The amount of money going into the Republican primary far exceeds that being raised by Democrats.

Attorney General Jerry Brown has raised over $2 million from large contributions since the beginning of the year, to Gavin Newsom's $892,000. However, Newsom has also raised over $1.1 million online through ActBlue.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom was seen discussing drug policy and same-sex marriage outside of a Mr. Chow's restaurant in Southern California amidst a mob of fans -- much warmer than his typical receptions in San Francisco.

Jackson West wonders how folks knew to find Newsom at Chang's -- it's not like he Tweeted his dinner.

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