Whitman Concedes

The networks, including this one, had long declared Democrat Jerry Brown the next governor of California.  Brown himself declared it so just after 11 p.m. Tuesday night.

But that did not force the hand of one billionaire named Meg Whitman. She refused to concede during the normal waking hours of Election Night.  Her campaign party in LA remained upbeat and the speakers at the podium are telling the crowd the night -- and the race -- is far from over.

One speaker in particular was former Gov. Pete Wilson. He told the crowd a little after 10 p.m. to get comfortable because it could be a long night.  Wilson said the secretary of state's computer had crashed and told supporters that the news organizations were calling the race on certain counties they could get a hold of -- counties he doesn't think are telling the entire story.

That didn't stop Brown from giving a victory speech at 11 o'clock straight up.  He brushed off Whitman's delay, saying of the count, "It's good enough for government work."

Some 40 minutes later, Whitman came to the podium in LA and gave her concession speech.  She told the crowd the night had not ended as she hoped and followed with the regular thank yous to everyone who helped her spend milions on a race only to lose in the end.

"I just called governor-elect Brown to wish him well," Whitman said. "It's time for Californians to unite in the common cause of turning this state around."

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