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Why are Millennials Getting Scammed so Much?

They’re young, they’re educated and they’re losing money in record numbers to scam artists.

Young surfers have become the targets of a new generation of scammers.

The Better Business Bureau says millennials now report more money lost to scams than the elderly.

“Sometimes when you’re expecting something you just open it without realizing,” says San Jose State student, Vanessa Nunez, who is part of the group of people most likely to lose money in a scam.

According to cybersecurity expert, Ahmed Banafa, young people or as they’re often called, “digital natives,” are more susceptible to scams because of the amount of time spent online – both scammers and users.

For the younger generation, sharing information is a part of life, making them more trusting of who they interact with online.

“Their private information, like their bank, credit cards, background, that is the problem,” said Banafa.

So the solution to avoiding hacks?

Be wary of those who reach out to you online.

Expert’s advice users to avoid adding contacts on social media unless you know and trust them and don’t send anything personal via public Wi-Fi.

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